Cloud-Based Industrial Automation

Reliable, cost-saving control across facilities for a range of processes


Developed at Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI), this cloud-based system can be used to monitor and control a wide range of industrial processes...[+]


Improved Design for Multi-Effect Distillation

More efficient thermal conversion of seawater to drinking water


Developed at the Qatar Energy & Environment Research Institute, this new design for a multi-effect distillation (MED) evaporator promises to ... [+]


Automated Acid Tracer/Biomarker Analysis

For sensitive, accurate, fast on-site testing of water/reservoir systems


Developed at the Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute (QEERI), this patent-pending technology is an innovative method...[+]


TPAM: A Terpolymer Soil Subgrade Binder

Providing toughness superior to other polymers and cement for pavement integrity and performance


Researchers at Texas A&M Qatar have developed a terpolymer binding agent for subgrade (i.e. supporting soil)...[+]


A Compact Electrocoalescer for Better Water-Oil Separation

This novel device enables inline and downhole operation


A research team led at Qatar University has developed a unique device for separating water from oil for a variety of applications...[+]


Self-Powered, Environmental Air Quality Monitoring System

Providing high-efficiency indoor/outdoor air quality diagnostics


Researchers at Qatar University, Canadian University of Dubai, and the University of Brescia have developed ....[+]


More Reliable Forward Osmosis for Water Treatment

A vacuum-assisted system for better performance & lower costs


Researchers at Qatar Foundation have developed a Vacuum- Assisted Forward Osmosis System (VAFOS) designed to enhance the performance ...[+]


Flow Battery Based on Caustic Waste

Using industrial waste for energy generation, cost savings, and reduced emissions


Researchers at Qatar Environment & Energy Research Institute are developing a flow battery that treats caustic waste from oil and gas plants..., [+]


Smart Filter for Oil/Water Separation

Simple, low-cost, easy-to-clean filter membrane material efficiently separates oil from water for a variety of industrial applications


Developed at Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute (QEERI), this super-wetting filter membrane material with a micro/nano-structured...[+]



CO2 Mineralization and Reject Brine Management

Addressing the environmental concerns of CO2 emissions and brine discharge


Researchers at Qatar University have developed a proprietary method that may provide a solution to two major environmental concerns...[+]


Improved Process for Ethylene Polymerization

New method significantly improves reaction efficiency and lowers costs


Ethylene is a critical monomer used in the manufacture of polymer plastics, fibers, and other organic chemicals used in ....[+]


Low-Temperature Methane Steam Reformation

Nickel nanocatalyst-based process lowers temperature and water requirements, and improves hydrogen production


The key factor for process effectiveness in various gas-based petrochemical industries ....[+]