Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF)

is the enabling arm of Qatar Foundation Research and Development, driven by the aim of fostering a culture of research in Qatar. Established by Qatar Foundation in 2006, it advances knowledge and education by acting as a support system for researchers.
QNRF administers funding for original, competitively selected research, provides opportunities for researchers at all levels – from students to professionals – in basic and applied research, and furthers collaborations within academia and the public, private, governmental and non-governmental sectors, through effective, mutually beneficial partnerships. While QNRF actively seeks internationally-recognised researchers, it is dedicated to funding research that addresses Qatar’s national priorities, under the pillars of Energy and Environment, Computer Sciences and ICT, Health and Social Sciences, and Arts and Humanities.

For more information visit www.qnrf.org


Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP)

is Qatar’s primary incubator for technology development, fostering the environment required to accelerate commercialization of research and supporting innovation and entrepreneurship. QSTP focuses on four themes identified as national priorities through the Qatar National Research Strategy (QNRS): Energy, Environment, Health Sciences, and ICT. QSTP is located in Qatar Foundation’s Education City development, and has access to the resources of its cluster of leading research universities.
Members within the QSTP Free Zone include SMEs, international corporations, and research institutions, which have collectively committed to investing in new programs, creating intellectual property, enhancing technology management skills, and developing innovative new products in line with the QNRS.

For more information visit www.qstp.org.qa


Office of Research Strategy and Impact Management (RSIM)

is Qatar’s first intellectual property (IP) office, tasked with capturing the advances, discoveries and inventions assigned to or developed by Qatar Foundation (QF), and transforming them into the innovations - inventions made broadly available - that will enhance Qatar’s global reputation and attract investment and commercial opportunities with which to build its knowledge-based economy.

RSIM oversees the management, acquisition and monetization of IP, has built a portfolio of hundreds of inventions and installed a world-class IP management system, and has produced Qatar’s first IP policy, ensuring QF has rights to all the IP produced by or for it. It also manages and commercializes the technologies of other Qatar-based institutions, including Qatar Petroleum Research, Qatar University and Hamad Medical Corporation.

The office develops strategies and research targets for Qatar’s research institutes, through analysis that is supporting the establishment of QF’s research agenda and helping to identify research collaborators. It conducts due diligence on QF’s research investment decisions and usesthe International Financial Recording Standards to construct auditable estimates of the value of QF’s growing IP portfolio. In support of entrepreneurship, RSIM’s Al-Khabeer program assists local startups and inventors in protecting their ideas and building credible business plans and models.


Office of Outreach and Communication

is responsible for planning, coordinating, and implementing all of QF R&D’s internal and external communication functions. The office leads the effort in reaching out and communicating the outcomes, value, and benefits of QF’s R&D programs and activities to a wide audience, including the general public, the research community, and national, regional, and global media, through various channels.
It serves as the focal point for building relationships with national stakeholders and fostering an environment of public engagement with, and participation in, research. The office organizes the Qatar Foundation Annual Research Conference (ARC), QF R&D’s flagship research and innovation event.

Office of Research Coordination and Special Initiatives

is responsible for planning, coordinating, and implementing interdisciplinary and enterprise-wide activities among research and development. In particular, RCSI has responsibility for the upkeep of the Qatar National Research Strategy.
RCSI fosters science diplomacy both nationally and internationally, and ensures that leading-edge strategic R&D initiatives are realized in coordination with the stakeholders involved. The office serves as the focal point, on behalf of Qatar Foundation Research and Development, for international partnerships, and oversees and reports on all approved contractual agreements and collaborations with national, regional, and global research partners.


Office of Policy, Planning and Evaluation

facilitates and oversees Qatar’s research and development enterprise.
PPE contributes to the advancement of this enterprise by undertaking the pivotal functions of policy, portfolio analysis, strategic planning, co-ordination, and evaluation. Its work supports decision-making and responsible stewardship of the nation’s significant investment in research, within the framework of the Qatar National Research Strategy and the Qatar Foundation Strategic Plan.
The office identifies and evaluates Qatar’s specific capacities, capabilities, and needs, allowing the identification of areas of research and development where the nation has a potential competitive advantage, and those where additional inputs may be required in order to achieve impact. In doing so, it collaborates closely with Qatar Foundation Research and Development’s entities and offices to ensure a unified approach.

Office of Education, Training and Development

is focused on helping to build Qatar’s human capacity for the management and operation of research, and to ensure that highly-trained researchers will be available to address the nation’s future needs, in line with the objectives of Qatar National Vision 2030.
OETD co-ordinates and sponsors an ecosystem of education, training and development activities. It offers and supports various education and research training opportunities through the Qatar Research Leadership Program (QRLP), the R&D Workshop Series, and the High School Science Camp, and has a central role in the annual Qatar Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math Fair (Qatar STEAM).


Office of Operations

is responsible for the daily operations of Qatar Foundation Research and Development.
Through its four teams – Budget and Finance, Facilities, Procurement, and Human Resources, whose functions and activities are aligned with those of Qatar Foundation - the office ensures that business operations are efficient and effective, and resources are properly managed. The goal is to provide high quality, seamless support for all aspects of QF R&D’s operation.