The Regulatory Affairs and Research Integrity function oversees research integrity activities on behalf of the Qatar Foundation Research and Development (QF R&D).

Organizationally, the function is located within the QF R&D Office of the President, and carries out its research integrity responsibility by:

  • developing policies and procedures related to the detection, and prevention of research misconduct and the responsible conduct of research;
  • reviewing and monitoring research misconduct investigations conducted by applicant and awardee institutions;
  • recommending research misconduct findings and administrative actions to the QF R&D Adjudication Official for decision, subject to appeal;
  • providing technical assistance to institutions that respond to allegations of research misconduct;
  • implementing activities and programs to teach the responsible conduct of research, promote research integrity, prevent research misconduct, and improve the handling of allegations of research misconduct;
  • conducting policy analyses, evaluations and research to build the knowledge base in research misconduct, research integrity, and prevention and to improve QF R&D research integrity policies and procedures.