The Qatar National Research Strategy (QNRS) provides a framework for Qatar Foundation Research & Development’s (QF R&D’s) research objectives.
It helps to drive program plans and measures of performance by guiding decisions to invest in research and development programs that address critical national priorities and support progress toward the realization of Qatar National Vision 2030 and the nation’s goal of becoming a leading centre for research and development excellence and innovation.

The 2012 iteration of the QNRS reflects extensive input from Qatar’s research leadership, researchers, and other stakeholders. The QNRS 2014 report additionally focuses on Qatar's Research Grand Challenges: Energy Security, Water Security, Cybersecurity, and Health.



QNRS Forum

QF R&D organizes an annual forum that brings key stakeholders together in order to discuss and progress the QNRS.

In 2012, a consultation process with stakeholders was launched to convert the high-level strategy into a more specific set of opportunities and priorities, within the context of Qatar’s research and development portfolio.

In 2013, QF R&D facilitated a process to identify and articulate which of those many priorities could be defined as Grand Challenges facing Qatar. These challenges would be defined as multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional, and multi-sector partnership opportunities for advancing R&D solutions relating to them.

The four Research Grand Challenges identified, and the specific goals associated with each of them, are:

  • Energy Security: Develop/deploy solar energy on Qatar’s Power Grid
  • Water Security: Develop, refine, and adopt enhanced desalination/wastewater re-use capabilities
  • Cybersecurity: Develop security technology to protect Qatar’s critical cyber infrastructure
  • Health: Develop plans to tackle cancer and diabetes, and develop personalised medicine

The purpose of the 2014 QNRS forum was to:

  • Seek input from stakeholders on Qatar’s Research Grand Challenges
  • Strengthen and deepen relationships and partnerships with stakeholders
  • Identify key action items related to the Research Grand Challenges
  • Seek alignment in developing plans for each Research Grand Challenge