Since its launch in 2006, the vision and sustained effort of Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF), part of Qatar Foundation Research and Development, has yielded a significant impact on the research environment in Qatar.

The surge in outputs has now seen the number produced total more than 5,000, including journal papers, online papers, conference papers, books, creative works and patents, with an annual growth rate of almost 80 percent.

Besides the quantity, the quality of research generated by QNRF funding is exceptional, with a Field Weighted Citation Impact (FWCI) that is 68 percent above the global average. The citation impact has been increasing steadily since 2009 and is now more than twice the global average. More than 21 percent of QNRF-funded publications belong to the world’s top 10 percent most cited articles.

Some QNRF-funded research has been so successful that it has even made an impact on the formulation of national environmental and energy policies. Such activity is represented by collaborations with more than 500 institutions outside Qatar, many with top-caliber institutions, greatly enhancing Qatar’s visibility within the global research community.

QNRF launched its Research Outcome Seminars (ROS) in order to directly engage with its stakeholders, the research community, and the general public. ROS is an integral part of QNRF’s mission to promote the exchange of research achievements, and involves the dissemination of the outcomes of QNRF-funded research as well as presentations by scientists from research institutes within Qatar Foundation.